Manhole cover with ventilation in self-levelling frame

E600 - extreme loads

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Code KEM94B
Material Cast iron
Weight 74 kg
Package 14 ks/pal
Load class Extreme traffic load

cover with hinge, KASI PUR vertical and horizontal shock-absorbing lining on lid, with spring-loaded lid locking in frame


  • Lid weight 45 kg
  • Permits your own design/logo
  • Lid secured in frame with multi-point springs
  • Integrated KASI-PUR damping insert with high resistance
  • Safety locking at 90°, max. opening 120°


  • Suitable for places with extreme traffic loads
  • Frame height 160mm, weight 29 kg
  • Installation in the running layer and load transfer outside the well
  • Installation without guide ring – frame can be inserted directly into well
  • Use with BAR-V and BAR adjustment rings


  • custom motif on the lid possible
  • Hatch comes without coating – painted options can be ordered
  • Option with screw locking
KEM94B cover KEM94B cover
Custom solutions

Custom solutions

Damping insert

Damping insert

Max. opening angle

Max. opening angle

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