Manhole cover without ventilation in cast iron-concrete frame

D400 - extreme traffic loads

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Code KDB62
Material Concrete, Cast iron
Weight 162 kg
Norm DIN1229, EN124-2
Package 8 ks/pal
Load class Extreme traffic load

cover without hinge, horizontal PUR shock-absorbing lining on frame, horizontal and vertical PUR shock-absorbing lining on lid , without spring-loaded lid locking in frame


  • Lid weight 91 kg
  • Integrated KASI-PUR damping insert with high resistance
  • With concrete fill without ventilation – unattractive to thieves


  • Cast iron-concrete frame without trap mounting
  • Suitable for places with extreme traffic loads
  • Frame height 160mm, weight 71 kg
  • Integrated PUR damping insert with high resistance
  • Use with BAR-V and BAR adjustment rings


  • Hatch comes without coating – painted options can be ordered
KDB62 cover KDB62 cover
Damping insert

Damping insert

Concrete and cast iron lid

Concrete and cast iron lid

Hatch without hinge

Hatch without hinge

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